Please only run the following under either a certified technical service professional or by Simsol Support Representatives. 

This is a method for troubleshooting and NOT a normal update method.

Running Simsol Updates VIA Windows Run Box

First, make sure Simsol and all Simsol processes are closed and log into your account.


When you’ve logged into, you’ll see the Downloads option on the left-hand side of the page. When you select Downloads you’ll see a full list of all downloads available to you.


The download page will look similar to below. Find and click on the download you wish to run.


Once you’ve selected the correct download, the download process will begin. Most internet browsers will show the download saving at the bottom of the page like so:

Once it’s completed, search in Windows for 'Run'

In the window that appears, browse and search for the update. Once you've found it, click once after the '.exe' and enter '/U'.

NOTE: If there are quotations around the string, this will NOT work, it must be placed in a directory that is free of spaces.

Select 'Ok' when ready. You’ll want to allow the update in any manner your computer may prompt.

You’ll select ‘Install Now’, and then ‘Continue to Install’.

Select 'Accept' and then 'Next'

Select 'Ok' 

Wait for the installation to prepare.

In this window, scroll down and select and open the folder 'Simsol', then open the folder 'Desktop'. Your screen should look like the one below, then select 'Ok':

In this next window, scroll down and select and open the folder 'Simsol', then open the folder 'Desktop', and then select the folder 'Data'. Verify your screen looks similar to the one below, then select 'Ok':

Let the installation run, once it's complete, select 'Finish'. You should now be able to run the latest version of Simsol.