Simsol's (9/23/2019) Contains the following improvements: 

  1. New Mass Close Claim Functionality
    - In Simsol, you’ll now be able to utilize the ‘Close’ button to mass-close your claims from the claim grid. This button will no longer lock your estimates. It will apply a Date Closed to all claims selected in the Claims Grid.

  2. Fixed the Ability to Create and Store Template Form Groups

  3. Updated AutoUpdater Utility for Future Product Compatibility
    - Something is coming soon! We had to make updated to our AutoUpdater to accommodate our newest product. Want to learn more about what’s happening? Check it out here.

  4. Added Updated Quarterly Pricing Databases to Stand-Alone Installer
    - The latest pricing includes the 3rd Quarter 2019 database.

  5. Preliminary Report Form Changes:
    - Added Ability to Manually Change ‘Date of Report’ Field
    - The field on the second page of the Preliminary Report will now be able to be adjusted to accommodate re-submission of older claim files.
    - Fixed ‘Type of Basement’ Radio Option
    - Fixed ‘Seasonal Residency’ Issue
    - Various Cosmetic Changes

  6. Final Report Form Changes: 
    - Expanded Allowed Values for ‘Main Building RCV’ and ‘Claim Summary’ Fields
    In the past release, the value was limited to $10,000,000.00.
    - Fixed AutoRefresh Issue Preventing Certain Depreciation Values from Applying

  7. Phase One of Clipboard Sunset
    - At Simsol, we want to provide our users with the most reliable and best tools on the market for estimating. While many of our users loved and used Clipboard, it has fallen short of our quality standards. Because of this, we have officially started Simsol Clipboard’s sundown. Clipboard is no longer available for download in app stores and, in this release of Simsol, any account that has not already activated their Clipboard Account will no longer have the option to send or sync Clipboard claims. If you currently have Clipboard installed and enabled in Simsol you will still be able to utilize the full functionality of Clipboard without issue. Our team is looking for alternative solutions.

Simsol's (9/25/2019) Contains the following improvements:

  1. Patch for Syncing Clipboard-Generated Forms
    - In the initial release of we found users who had generated forms in Clipboard were unable to sync claims back with their versions of This is the main cause for this patch release. If you have tried syncing a claim on without success, you should now be able to sync your claims in

  2. Improved Claimswire Upload Screen
    - Some users have reported that Claimswire Upload Screens would occasionally be forced to the behind their program. This will prevent that from happening.

Simsol's (10/15/2019) Contains the following improvements:

  1. Corrections Made for Private Flood and ICC Forms
    - In the initial release of we found certain users were unable to access the form wizard for ICC forms. These same users would also find NFIP wording on their Private Flood Forms. These form groups are corrected in this build.

  2. Improved Install and Updating
    - A slight improvement was made for updating and installing fresh copies of Simsol.

Simsol's (11/15/2019) Contains the following improvements:

  1. Added Support for Large-Loss Claims in Photos Module
    - The digital photo section now allows viewing and sorting more than 100 areas in a single claim (up to 300).
  2. Added Support for New EagleView Report Format while Preserving Old Format Compatibility
    -The new format was first reported on 11/4/2019. This update will still allow for old report imports.

  3. Fixed Formatting for ICC Adjuster Reports
    -The latest ICC Adjuster Reports in 8.2 were copied directly from the source, however these forms had poor formatting for the mitigation options and provisions which made the form difficult to read. In order to view the changes made, you will need to generate a new form.

  4. Bundled 4th Quarter 2019 Pricing Update and November 2019 Tax Data in Full Installers

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