This error occurs when BDE Paradox reads an invalid number of bytes of data. It is a very low level / odd issue, and not one that we can resolve via our own software changes.

We have seen this occur a handful of times since mid-October 2019. All on Windows 10 1803/1809 workstation machines, but not other computers in the same practice.

We believe a recent Windows 1803/1809 update / Windows Defender update may have caused the issue.

Ensuring that the Simsol share on the server is excluded from real-time scanning, especially in Windows Defender is the first priority. 

Updating to Windows 1903 also seems to resolve the issue and is the second priority. Alternatively, you may choose to roll-back recent updates.

On the first site - the issue was resolved temporarily by simply relocating the problem machine next to the server with a new (good) cable and switch - indicating that cabling/hardware can also play a factor.

Re-installing the BDE from scratch may also help, i.e. renaming the existing Program Files\Borland and Program Files (x86)\Borland folders, then installing BDE.