If you have a MySimsol License, meaning that you pay for your license online at my.simsol.com, you can connect your license to any device that has the Simsol program installed. To do this, you'll need to first login to your MySimsol account. 

Disconnecting Your License

Once you've logged in at my.simsol.com, click on the Licenses Tab on the left hand side. Here you will see a list of your licenses. Make sure the Simsol Program is closed down on your computer. Click the license you would like to disconnect. Scroll down and click on the 'Disconnect' button. This license will now be disconnected from the computer, freeing it up to be attached to another device.

Connecting, or Reconnecting, a License to a Computer

A disconnected license is free to be activated on any device that has Simsol installed and doesn't currently have a license attached to it. 

Simply open Simsol, and you should see the Registration window

Enter your MySimsol Username, Password, and License Activation Code, found on your MySimsol account under licenses. Click Submit. This will Connect/Reconnect your license to that device.