ClaimsPrinter is a utility within the Simsol program that will allow you to print claims you've worked on, even without an active subscription! You won't be able to make any changes to your claims, but you will be able to print any work you've completed in the claim prior to your subscription ending. 

Opening Claims Printer

1) Right click on your Simsol Desktop Icon.

2) Click "Open file location" in the menu,  This will open a directory/folder to the location C:\Simsol\Desktop\.
3) In this folder, find and double click on the file ClaimsPrinter, it may show up as ClaimsPrinter.exe.
4) You will now see a login screen, click Accept toward the bottom right. (If you have any trouble the username is MANAGER and leave the password blank).

5) You have now successfully opened the ClaimsPrinter utility.

Printing with Claims Printer

1) Navigate to the claim you want to print in the grid by selecting the appropriate drawer in the bottom left.
2) Double click the claim to open the Global Print screen for that claim.

3) From here, print the claim via your desired method, Click Here if you need a refresher on how to print/create a PDF file in Simsol.