If you're looking to add an employee (adjuster, manager, examiner, accountant, customer service representative) to your company's Claimswire account, you'll want to first make sure you are logged into a Manager's Claimswire Account. Once logged in, follow these steps to add your new employee:

1. Navigate to Preferences and select the link "Employees":

2. Select "New Employee":

3. Enter the adjuster's email address and select 'Next':
4a. If the employee does not have an account already, enter their information as needed and select 'Next':

    *Note: your employee will receive an email about their new account

4b. If the adjuster already has a Claimswire account, you will see information about the adjuster on your screen appear.

5. Select Save on the Employee Information Page to add them to your Company.

Once this is complete, you will be brought back to your employee search page. You will now be able to assign claims to your new employee as needed.