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Selecting an Adjuster to Assign Claims to:

Like the options to select a claim, there are multiple ways to select an Adjuster. Only one Adjuster can be assigned at a time, and as you select a new adjuster, with any of these methods, the previously selected adjuster is deselected. 

Option 1: Assign by Map

One way to select an adjuster is via the Google Map to the left-hand side of the application. Clicking on the Adjuster’s Icon will place a star next to the icon notating that the adjuster is selected. 

Option 2: Select by Drop Down


Additionally, you can select an Adjuster using the Drop Down List above the Claim Selection List. 

Option 3: Select Adjuster by Type

Finally, clicking on the Adjuster By Type tab will allow you to select an adjuster based on their skills and credentials. See the Features section for more information. Anyone of these options will select the adjuster on the others. I.e. selecting an adjuster via the map, also selects it on the Adjuster By Type pane and the Adjuster Drop Down List.

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